MACCARY Elementary Schools Receive Awards from the Minnesota Department of Education

ROSEVILLE, MN - The Minnesota Department of Education awarded MACCRAY West Elementary School a "Reward" School designation award and MACCARY East Elementary School received a "Celebration" School designation award (click here for additional information).

School Board Votes 5-1 to Proceed with Vote on Bond for a $20,000,000 Elementary School in Clara City

CLARA CITY, MN - The MACCRAY School Board voted 5-1 to proceed with a vote on January 7, 2014 to authorize bonding of $ 20,000,000 to construct a new single elementary school in Clara City. The only descending vote was Debi Brandt.

Cities of Maynard & Raymond Consultant Presents Findings

CLARA CITY, MN - The Cities of Maynard and Raymond Consultant Stevan Dewald PE (LJA) presented the results of his firms review of the cost to renovate MACCRAY West and East Elementary Schools.  The estimated cost to renovate MACCRAY West was $ 4.97 million and the cost to renovation MACCRAY East was $5.59 million.  (click here to comparion of LJA & ESG estimates).

Former School Board Member Identifies Inaccuracies in October 9, 2013 "News" Article

RAYMOND, MN - In looking at the clarification provided to the local newspaper, it seems that Mr. Hacker has chosen to rewrite history.  The initial plan that took place in 1989 was pairing and sharing and did specifically state that there was to be elementary schools in Raymond and Maynard and junior high and senior high in Clara City. 

Lightowler Johnson Associates Completes Inspections of MACCRAY Elementary Schools

RAYMOND & MAYNARD, MN - Engineers and Architects for the firm of Lightowler Johnson Associates completed an inspection of the MACCRAY Elementary Schools to prepare a second opinion cost estimate.

Cities Agree to Pay for School Inspections

MAYNARD, MN & RAYMOND, MN - The City Councils of Maynard and Raymond have agreed to hire an architectural firm to inspect the schools and determine needed improvements.

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